I’m Katie and this is LOOK AT MEDIA

I live and work in the Yarra Valley (and beyond). I created Look At Media to bring top notch photography digital marketing services to little businesses with big dreams. I’m the photographer, retoucher, stylist, art director, social media manager, ideas man, receptionist, copywriter, account manager and finance department.

I’ve taken out all the bullsh*t, offering a simple and super effective photography services which are affordable and long lasting. From custom social and website image content to copywriting and strategy, it shouldn’t be difficult, time consuming or stressful.

Stop making excuses for why your content isn’t amazing.

I’ve been doing this for twenty years, starting with studying on film straight out of high school. With a ‘little’ stint in Paris 2008-2015 I came back to Australia to start Look At Media. I’ve always been outspoken and sometimes a little rude and this comes through in my disruptive approach to social media and photography. It’s out of the ordinary and involves people wherever possible. I don’t do normal. This is a flatlay-free zone, because BORING.

 I’ve been working since I was 14 and every day I’ve been putting my heart and soul into everything I do. Oh it’s also in my blood, my Dad having worked as a photographer for Telecom for many years.

Come on board with Look At Media and see what the combo of ideas, talent, experience and professionalism can do for your business.


It’s what we do best: powerful imagery, created especially for you. You’re the star of your business, we’ll show it off.

We don’t  believe in soulless flat lays or anything missing a human element.

We live to disrupt and catch attention, because who wants to go unnoticed?

We swear sometimes – sorry not sorry.

We make amazing custom content, just for you. We shoot your very own images to show off what you do and why people can’t live without it.

Post them on your socials. Splash it all over your website. Share on noticeboards. Make the people notice you.

Make people think “that could be me!” and get them landing on your page and raring to buy. Turn them into your latest customer and newest raving fan.

Great content gets shared. Great content shows you are interested in your customer and that your experience is something they absolutely can’t live without. Stand out and make people say LOOK AT ME!

Stop making excuses about why your social media sucks.