G’day. I’m Katie. I have recently gravitated back to the Yarra Valley after 6.5 years in Paris, France.

I pinch myself daily that I live and work in such a beautiful part of the world, and my mission is to share this profound love with the world. I find it fascinating that Melburnians don’t even know we are here, and I am taking on the challenge of grabbing their attention and encouraging them to travel the hour down the road experience this fabulous region.

The idea to start Look At Media was born at the Yarra Ranges Tourism Summit in 2015, where small business owners came together to work on ideas to boost tourism and enterprise. I saw a need for creativity and innovation in digital marketing, where I could combine photography to create an irresistable visual feast on a world scale via the magic of the internet. I would create strong online presence for businesses which would then be expanded by visitors to the region as they shared their photos over various online platforms. I’d provide premium quality and accessible photography for accommodation providers to capture the attention of potential guests to share on their ”Dream Holiday” Pinterest boards, allowing for wanderlust to finally take over and click on that ”BOOK NOW” button.

The Yarra Valley inspires me more than any other place, and I feed this love with regular adventures to places well known and otherwise to be able to share secrets with tourists and locals alike. This ‘back yard’ is full of so many wonderful treats, and I am lucky enough to possess the time and skills to capture them. Whether it’s climbing the 1,000 steps or crawling along bumpy dirt tracks in my ill equipped vehicle, it is always a pleasure when I find what I am looking for. The end result makes any hard work more than worthwhile.