Monday had me in sugar paradise at Locavore Studio as they prepare to launch an incredible patisserie line into the Yarra Valley. Chef Jessie Crossley and pastry genius Neisha Breen have teamed up to sweeten the region with treats rivalling any of the famous patisseries of Paris. I had the chance of photographing (and tasting!) the impossibly beautiful gateaux and my heart skipped a few beats. Transported back to sunny afternoons at Jardin du Luxembourg by the caramelised white chocolate and passionfruit dome, I felt goosebumps spring up, and tears almost well. The flavours and textures so reminiscent of the beautiful cakes to which I had daily access in Paris, I felt I was right back there without the long haul flight.

This is such an exciting addition to the Valley’s already impressive array of foodie delights, yet the young talents behind the project is something I still struggle to believe. Jessie, 25, has packed so much learning into her time as a chef on superyachts around the world and is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. Her excitement for beautiful food bubbles over, it’s infectious – she just wants you to enjoy, and enjoy you will. Launching really soon, their sample boxes went down a treat (get it!) with such big guns as Urbanlist and Broadsheet but we hope to have first dibs!

I certainly can’t wait to eat all the cake!!