This time 8 years ago I left on an adventure which would change my life forever.

Travelling alone around Europe, it was not without hiccups (delayed planes = lost bags). I landed in Croatia first, armed only with 2 passports, a bikini and a Nikon (priorities) and promptly found my boat at its second stop, making friends with my roomie and then the rest of the party people. We sailed all over, anchoring in open seas to jump off for a swim, drinking beers in the sun and living the best life. Spain was next on the list, we had to make La Tomatina – an event to be avoided at all costs if you’ve been thinking of adding it to your bucket list.

Fast forward to Paris, where I was determined to stay and live and learn the language. I found the job after 2 weeks in a great Montmartre hostel, then a 9m2 ”apartment” 7 weeks after that. A boyfriend and whitegoods soon followed, and everyone knows that’s when you know you’re sticking around. Paris was wonderful and you’ll hear much more about the city who taught me who I am, how to be a better photographer and that Australia was home all along in further chapters. Just like Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, I had to travel far to know that I belonged near (spoiler alert).

I love to reminisce about travelling, I’m good at it, I recommend doing it alone and would love to do more of it for work.

I’m happy to be back, I’m in love with my city, and this time the lens will be pointed at the incredible things close by – Australia.