We’ve been busy shaking up our whole situation recently after some great opportunities arose while on holiday in France. First of all, we’re going to stop saying we. I’m Katie, and while I work closely with an amazing crew of talented people, I am solely responsible for the construction, daily operation and stress of Look At Media. I’m the finance guy, the web designer, the social media manager, the blogger, the problem solver, the salesperson and the photographer.

I’ve realised in the last year that there are things that I am better at than others, so from now on I only offer selected services. It’s like a sofa – it’s not a great couch nor a great bed. I can’t do everything – I tried – it didn’t work, so now I only do what I’m really great at, because I really prefer smiles.

But first, a little explanation of my prolonged stay in Paris. As a family of crazy francophiles we decided to celebrate an aunt’s 60th birthday in Champagne, as we are all spread between America and Australia. The plan was Champagne, Burgundy and then back to Paris. It was amazing – plenty of great food, wine and laughs – but coming back to Paris was so bittersweet, I’d forgotten just how well this city suited me and just how many beautiful friends I have here – I had to stay longer. Three ticket changes and a fourth phone call to suspend the ticket later and requests for photos came rolling in, validating the decision. I am properly, deeply, crazy in love with this city.  Something about the light makes me weak at the knees, the milky glow of the daytime, and the night twinkles on the river, calm as a lake.

So while I’ve been in Paris I’ve photographed beautiful sommeliers covered in grapes, house parties, taken portraits of friends and played with plenty of delicious pastries (because when in France…) with much more to come. I’ve decided to spend May in Paris to suss out the possibility of splitting my work between my two favourite places – Paris and Melbourne.

My favourite things to photograph are portrait and lifestyle – in restaurant, tourism, events and so much more. I wanted to share some of the cool stuff we’ve been doing this year….

I had a great time working with The General Assembly on South Wharf, Melbourne – covering their events, menu, ambiance and huge range of rotating beers.

I worked on a file of social media stock images for the new restaurant Bang Bang at the Rifle Club, shooting during soft launches, even avoiding the cyclone fencing which was still up while landscaping finished. I love a challenge.

I photographed the incredible patisserie selection and their talented creators at Locavore Studio and got to taste test too! Amazing.

I got Herd Bar + Grill onto Instagram and gave them a kickstart with fresh menu and event images, whilst also taking great advantage of the posts that fans of the restaurant had already shared. Their hot desking space upstairs Habitat1 also got the LOOK AT MEDIA treatment and now looks fantastic. I’m not responsible for the photos this time but we spent aaages getting them curated on Instagram and they’re on their way to gathering followers and engaging the local community about their work space.

Dynamic young winemaker Stuart Dudine of Alkimi Wines Yarra Valley enlisted my services for his bottle photography.

Stay tuned for the Parisian chapter…….