I worked with Amelia and her mum Lorraine for their gorgeous brand Yardnajar, making beeswax wraps and candles, reusable produce bags, bath and body treats and honey from their stunning home in Buln Buln. I’ve known Amelia for years and it was such a pleasure to be able to use my skills for her project. As they were launching an e-commerce website and social media accounts to bolster their reach beyond market appearances, they needed pictures of everything, being used and loved. We shot all day with a gourmet lunch break and a visit from the chooks.

The ladies sent me off with a load of bright, beautiful wraps and bags which I started using religiously as told them how I actually shudder with guilt when I use plastic wrap. I was covering everything with beeswax wraps – halved avocadoes, cheeses, fresh bakes, meal leftovers and shopping with the bags to put my fresh produce in so it could go straight in the fridge once it got home. It felt so great to be avoiding awful plastic waste.

From there I started saving jars and containers. I search op shops before anywhere else and I almost always succeed in finding what I need. Before we hosted Christmas at our new house, I found the most beautiful retro crockery set which is now the only set in rotation. Hand painted in greens and orange with pineapples and cherries, it makes me so happy and keeps more cheap stuff out of landfill.

I have started a compost bin, keeping kitchen scraps from adding to landfill.

I’ve taken cuttings of flowering plants which have grown into thriving bushes, attracting bees.

I won’t purchase anything which is overpackaged and I don’t buy takeaway food.

I keep boxes and packaging and reuse them for sending gifts to friends and family.

I upcycle denim jeans into pot holders and other fun, handy things.

I’d like to thank Amelia and Lorraine for their dedication to the environment and wish them every success with their business and helping people change their thought processes with the planet in mind.