We were at the Bright Rod Run last weekend and we’re still coming down from the petrol fumes and that deliciously satisfying rumble of a V8 motor….

Classic car enthusiasts from all over descended on picture-perfect Bright, taking over the town for 72 hours, making for the best vibe of a festival that we’ve ever seen. A shared love of shine, style and power was evident as new mates shared stories and laughs of their rodding journey against a mountain backdrop. We were eavesdropping on conversations between car lovers – mostly ”Did you see THAT HQ” – a beastly thing drooled over here by Street Machine.

Now we’re more styling than power, admiring contours and classic features and all of the things missing from cars of today so we did the stealth camera gig all weekend, catching all of the atmosphere and having the best time. We wandered all weekend, shooting not only everything shiny but also the characters who made the festival hilarious – a crew with their entire lounge suite parked along the medium strip for ultimate lap viewing position, dogs in tutus and a baby cradled in a deep chrome wheel.

We can’t wait until next year’s event, but stay tuned as Summer brings all of the shiny things out and we catch them all! Click the photos to open album….