We’ve all been there – posting something because we feel we ‘have to get something up on social media.’ We post just anything and immediately feel a deep regret that it’s not up to standard. We take it down. Worse still, we leave it up. These last-minute mistakes could cost you dearly. We were inspired to write this after seeing the post above and wanted to share some of our secrets (while not-so-secretly plugging what we do!)

Think about this: you wouldn’t send something of poor quality out of your kitchen, showroom or allow someone untrained to run your service. So why would you throw ‘just anything’ out on social media? People form opinions and feelings from what you put online, ahead of knowing what you do. Posting poor quality content can be hugely detrimental to your business. You’ve got standards – they should apply to everything you do.

We’re telling you all this because there is a LOT of competition out there- in all industries, all over the world. Never fear, there are ways to keep your social media presence ahead of the pack.

Make it count. You’ve got just a second to impress, then the adventure chooses its direction, either finding out more about you or passing you by. Punchy, interesting, clear and bright content gets attention. Grab viewers by the proverbials with exciting content to rope them in and find out more about you.

Make it aspirational. People respond the best to pictures featuring other people. It’s validation of your product / service / experience and helps viewers imagine themselves there. Get them thinking ‘that could be us!’

Make it shareable! Delicious-looking food, amazing places and clear shots of products teamed with clever written content (watch your spelling!) is the kind of stuff people are inspired to share, multiplying your reach beyond belief.

Followers, schmollowers. You can buy any number of followers these days. Anyone can gather a large following just by curating posts from other people. We say to our clients ‘Do you want sheep or sales?’ We’re all about converting innocent passers-by into your newest fans, leading them right into your e-shop, restaurant or website contact form.

Life isn’t styled, so neither is our work. We prefer the term ‘tszuj’ which is to be completely honest while keeping an eye on everything else – composition, branding guidelines and ensuring everything looks schmicko. If you want to look like everybody else, we’re probably not for you. Generic and average aren’t terms we use and we certainly don’t let our work fall into those categories.

There’s a reason why our logo is a peacock – they get attention. They stand out, loud and proud, just like any project Look At Media touches.

Let’s see how we can create a whole image bank for your social media needs. While you’re here, check out some of the amazing lifestyle and content work we’ve been up to lately.